CATT Super Locker Event (Earn up to 18% interest annually!)

Dear all The first round CATT Super Locker Event is coming, Earn up to 18% interest annually!!  Duration: Now until January 12th, 10:00 AM U...

2019-11-11 14:13

BankLife (LIB) is now listed on Catex

Dear all, LIB is now listed on Catex, The deposit and trading are available on below market: LIB/BTC, LIB/ETH, LIB/USDT Banklife is a platform that ...

2019-11-11 09:26

AET trading competition leaderboard is lived

Dear all, AET trading competition leaderboard is lived, for the event details, please check here, https://www.catex.io/announcement/401 For the lead...

2019-11-09 14:35

CODEO IEO is lived now

Dear all, CODEO IEO is lived now, You are able to buy CODEO from here https://www.catex.io/ieo/detail/CODEO Fore more info about CODEO, please check...

2019-11-08 10:39

Banklife (LIB ) IEO finished successfully

Dear all, Banklife (LIB ) IEO have been finished quite successfully LIB token will be listed on Nov 11th 10:00 AM.  Join our official channels t...

2019-11-07 14:48

USDT(TRON) & USDT(ERC20) are lived now

Dear all, USDT(TRON) & USDT(ERC20) are lived now, Now you are able to deposit tron based USDT or ERC20 based USDT We will open the withdrawal on N...

2019-11-05 15:54

10,000 AeroToken (AET) trading competition

Dear all,  We are launching 10,000 AET trading competition Trading Competition is now live.  Event period: 5th November, 10:00 AM UTC until ...

2019-11-05 14:38

Winners of the second round Highest price CATT buyer event

Dear all, The second round CATT buyer event is end, for the event detail please check here, https://www.catex.io/announcement/387 First person to pu...

2019-11-05 11:21

30,000,000 CATT have been burned

Dear all, According to our burning plan, 30,000,000 CATT have been burned Burn transaction:  https://etherscan.io/tx/0xb3eab680a7f87a5fab6ef75c5...

2019-11-04 14:13

USDT-TRON will be postponed to Nov 5th

Dear all, Since there are still some bugs, to consider the security, we decide to postpone the USDT-TRON & USDT-ERC20 to Nov 5th, 10:00 AM We are ...

2019-11-04 13:40

The next round Gleam contest is coming

Dear all, We are hosting another Gleam contest with our official & secured account.  We will giveaway 250 USDT to the top 10 on the leaderboar...

2019-11-04 03:04

CODEO IEO will start soon

Dear all, CODEO IEO will start soon, for more info about CODEO token, please check here https://www.catex.io/ieo/detail/CODEO The IEO start time: 20...

2019-11-03 13:59

USDT(ERC20) & USDT(TRON) will go live on Nov 4th

Dear all, We will support TRON based USDT and ERC20 based USDT on November 4th at 10:00 AM UTC.   We will continue the support of OMNI-USDT.&...

2019-11-01 15:23

Aerotoken (AET) swap to new smart contract

Dear all, Aerotoken (AET) have been swapped to new smart contract, The swap ratio is: 1:1 Please note the following old contract is not valid anymor...

2019-10-31 13:00

CATT most buy leaderboard and TRUSD competition leaderboard lived

Dear all, CATT most buy leaderboard and TRUSD competition leaderboard lived, For CATT highest buy and most buy event,  please check here, https:...

2019-10-27 14:05

100,000 TrustUSD (TRUSD) trading competition lived

Dear all,   To celebrate the launch of TrustUSD (TRUSD), we are launching 100,000 TRUSD trading competition.  Event period: 25th Oct...

2019-10-25 08:13

TrustUsd (TRUSD) is now listed on Catex

Dear all, TrustUsd (TRUSD) is now listed on Catex Deposit and trading is now available on the following market: TRUSD/BTC, TRUSD/ETH TrustUSD is an...

2019-10-25 07:40

TrustUsd is coming to Catex exchange

Dear all, We will list TrustUSD on Oct 25th 10:00 AM TrustUSD is an Ethereum-based monetary protocol that achieves decentralized stabilization throu...

2019-10-24 09:44

Add four market for transaction mining

Dear all, To meet the mining requirement, we have added another four market for the mining, BTC/TUSD, BTC/PAX, ETH/TUSD, ETH/PAX Thanks

2019-10-23 09:04

Winners of the first round CATT highest price buy event

Dear all The first round CATT highest price buy event has been end, fore the event details, please check here, https://www.catex.io/announcement/379 ...

2019-10-22 15:20

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Catex registration is opened

Catex transaction mining details

BTC,ETH,USDT,LTC,BCH, ETC,DASH,QTUM deposit are opened

CATT pre-mining officially launched

BTC,ETH,USDT,LTC,BCH, ETC,DASH,QTUM withdrawal are opened

CATT, BAE have been opened for trading

Pre-mining has officially ended. From today, only holding CATT can participate in mining.

Minig ratio has been changed to 0.1

Major change to the transaction mining rules

We will burn 10.5 million CATT in three days.