Another highest price buyer event coming

Dear all, 

To celebrate the coming release of the CATEX app and the recent success of the highest buy event, We have a new highest buy event for our customers. 

Event period:  From date Dec 21 00:00 AM to Dec 31 23:59 PM (UTC time). 

The highest buy event will be separated into three segments per day. Each being 8 hours long. 

There will be 1 winner per 8 hour segment. Therefor, 3 winners per day. We will be taking calculations only in BTC/CATT pairing. (Note: the same person could win all three segments if they qualify as 1st place) 

1st place: reward 1 ETH (Note: if the price of Catt token reaches 40 sats or maintains that threshold, then the prize per 8 hour segment will increase to 2 ETH.) 


1. If two investors, one of them buys at the price of 12 sat and the other one buys at price of 11 sat, the investor that buys at 12 sat will be the winner. 

2. If two investors buys at the same price of 12 sat, the first one (the early one) will be the winner. 

The rules: 

1. Users who hold more than 500k CATT can take part in this event. 

2. Holding CATT more than 48 hours (Cant sell within 48 hours) 

3. The highest price buy amount must be more than 300,000 CATT 

4. The CATT price must meet the minimum of 20 sat. When the price falls below this amount, the event on that day will be cancelled automatically. 

5. For Every 8 hour period, the highest price must be higher than the previous 8 hour period. ( Example: If the first 8 hour period is 21 Satoshi, second 8 hour period price must be minimum 22 Satoshi) 

6. Rewards will be credited into CATEX account within 5 working days after the event has finished 

7. Selling CATT during the event is not allowed for participants participants who do so will be deemed to give up the prize 

8. If you have any inquiries regarding rewards and prize distribution, please submit a ticket within 5 days after the rewards distributed tickets submitted outside this window will not be processed 

9. To facilitate fair play in this giveaway, participants with any cheating behavior detected will be disqualified immediately. 

CATEX reserves the right of the final interpretation of this Terms & Conditions 


2018-12-18 03:22

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