Catex transaction mining details

Here are some specific details: 

1. Platform token name: CATT (CAT Token) 

2. Total amount: 10 billion, no additional issuance 

3. The transaction fee is 100% returned to the participating users in the form of CATT token in real time at the current price.

For example: If you trading ETH/BTC and buy 100 ETH. That means you need pay 0.1ETH (0.1%) as trading fees. On platform CATEX. All of your trading fees will be return to you in form of CATT. if the CATT current price is 0.1$, and ETH price is 500$, then you will get 0.1*500/0.1 = 500 CATT in real-time

4. The CATT amount can be mine per user per hour will be determined by the amount of CATT holding. The formula is: (CATT Holding) * (Mining ratio) , where the Mining ratio is dynamically adjusted by the platform everyday, for example todays ratio is 0.1, and the user holding 10000CATT, then The amount of he can mine per hour is 10000 * 0.1 = 1000 CATT

5. Dividend: 80% of the platform profit will be distributed to users holding CATT daily, the more CATT holding, the more dividends will get. (in form of every kinds of tokens) 

6. Up to 20% additional mining bonus, as long as the users involved in mining (transaction) hold BAE tokens, the details is as below: 

Holding 5,000BAE - 10,000BAE, an additional 2.5% mining bonus 

Holding 10,00BAE - 15,000BAE, an additional 5% mining bonus 

Holding 15,000BAE - 20,000BAE, an additional 7.5% mining bonus 

Holding 20,000BAE - 50,000BAE, an additional 10% mining bonus 

Holding 50,000BAE - 100,000BAE, an additional 15% mining bonus 

Holding 100,000BAE - above, an additional 20% mining bonus 

For the third one example: if you are holding 20000BAE, then you will get 50CATT (10%) more, total is 550 CATT 

7. 20% of the referral rewards: Once the referral member participates in the mining (transaction), the promoter can get 20% of the total CATT amount mined by referral member as referral bonus. 

8. Repurchase and burn Plan: The platform will use the 20% of the platform profit to repurchase the CATT circulating in the market and burn it every quarter, until the burn of 5 billion is completed.


9. CATT token distribution plan: 50% is used for mining, until the end of the excavation. The other 50% is held by the team for platform development and operation promotion. And locked for 5 years, releasing 20% every year. 

For example, the previous day mining yielded 600,000 CATT, and the CATT held by the team released 600,000 * 20% =  120,000 CATT, the remaining 600,000 * 80% = 480,000 CATT will be Locked up and released every year for the next four years 

10. Reserve 5 days of mining time before the CATT go live trading, that is, the time of 08.11 - 08.15 is the pre-mining time, the CATT of the mining output will be calculated at the price of $0.05, The maximum amount of mining per person per hour during pre-mining is (1000 CATT + CATT holding * daily ratio). And the CATT will be online for trading after August 16th. , the price will be determined by the market

Platform incentive activities: 

1. Users can get 10% mining bonus as long as they participate in mining. Users who participate in mining from Aug 11 to Sep 10 can get 10% mining bonus (in form of CATT). 

2. Mining ranking bonus: According to everydays Mining total, up to extra bonus 20%: Users who participated in mining from Aug 11 to Aug 18, the top 5 users according to the daily mining total will get mining ranking bonus as below: 

The first one 20%, The second one 15% The third one 10% The fourth one 10% The fifth one 10% 

3. Mining ranking for new coin list: Users who participated in mining from Aug 11 to Sep 10, after the activity, the top three users according to mining total will get a right to specify one new coin for listing. 


1. What is the difference between Catex and Bitallex, why launch a new exchange? 

A: Bitallex is positioned on the motherboard and has a certain threshold for new coin listing. Catex is mainly positioned on the innovation board, the new coin listing is easy, and the new coin listing mechanism will be announced later. At the same time, Bitallex and Catex are         also fundamentally different in their business models. 

2. Is Catex and Bitallex data interoperable? 

A: Users registered in Catex can be associated with Bitallexs account, which means that as long as they hold BAE on the Bitallex platform, they can get additional mining rewards without having to transfer to Catex.

3. Does Catex not divert Bitallex users? 

A: The two platforms complement each other. In the future, there will be multiple strategies to promote the common development and interoperability of the two platforms. The Catex platform is relatively more radical. The Bitallex platform is relatively more stable. Investors can choose according to their actual situation.

4. Is it necessary to transfer BAE to the CatEx platform for an additional 10% mining bonus? 

A: No need, you only need to associate your Catex account with your Bitallex account. Of course, you can also purchase BAE directly on the Catex platform. We will list BAE on Catex platform.

5. Is there an API or a mining machine? 

A: In order to ensure the fairness of mining, we do not provide independent API or mining machine to accelerate mining. 

6. Why is the total amount of 10 billion so large? 

A: Although the total amount of issuance is 10 billion, there is no circulation in the early stage. Only the user mines every day to generate a new CATT circulation, which means that the CATT at the beginning of circulation is zero. At the same time, the platform has a repurchase burn mechanism and a platform-side lock-up plan, so don’t worry about the large circulation. 

7. When is the registration open and when is the mining open? When does CATT open trading? 

A: Open registration on Aug 3, officially start mining on Aug 11, open CATT trading on August 16, CATT mining between 08.11 - 08.15 will be calculated at a price of $0.05, after August 16 the price will be determined by the market 

8. Is there a private placement? Is the CATT produced by daily mining mining locked? 

A: In order to ensure the principle of fairness and justice, avoid private placement dumping, the CatEx platform does not have a private placement, and the CATT of the daily user mining output will not be locked. 

if you have any other questions, please join our official Telegram Group, we will answer your questions. 

Telegram Group: https://t.me/catex_group 

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/catex_channel 

Thanks a lot!

2018-08-03 14:19

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