Dice winners and rewards for the second and the third round

Dear all,

Since we have lose in the second round, we combined the second round and the third round together , please check this announcement:



The second round and the third round was end, the dice report could be checked from here, 


According to the announcement, we will reward top 5 winners.


We have calculated all players total bought based on the following price:

CATT price: $0.00105558     

BTC price: $5242.24 

ETH price: $180.73

The top 5 winners email and total bought are below:

1. asil*****@gmail.com    $113305.88 

2. earl****@daum.net    $90114.11 

3. maniac_*******@hotmail.com   $87176.64 

4. airfo******@hotmail.com   $66822.94 

5. fat****@gmail.com   $24492.94

We will distribute the profit tomorrow (Apr 11)

Please note, according to our announcement, Only BTC, EHT, USDT profit,  all CATT profit will be be distributed and will be burned directly

All profit calculation is:

BTC profit + ETH profit - USDT loss = $ 3355.22 

So the winner and reward will be:

1. asil*****@gmail.com    $1677.61

2. earl****@daum.net      $838.81

3. maniac_*******@hotmail.com   $402.63

4. airfo******@hotmail.com   $268.42

5. fat****@gmail.com   $167.77

We will distribute the profit tomorrow via USDT (Apr 11)

Check here



2019-04-10 15:53

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