The winner of TRX competition event

Dear all,

According to the second round TRX trading competition rules, there will be eleven winner.


Please check the TRX report



1st place receives 30k tron 

2nd place receives 15k tron 

3rd place receives 5k tron 

4-10th place share 20k tron 

11-20th place lottery - One person will be chosen to win 5,000 TRX  (we will announce the lottery rules after the event end)

According to the second round TRX trading competition rules, There will be a lucky investor, only the investors in the place 11 - place 17 meets the requirement for the lottery (At least trading $5000)

To make sure the lottery is fair. We will choose the dice winner number of dice 190413_1300, 

0 means the winner 11, 

1 means the winner 12, 

2 means the winner 13, 

3 means the winner 14, 

4 means the winner 15, 

5 means the winner 16, 

6 means the winner 17, 

7 means the winner 11, 

8 means the winner 12, 

9 means the winner 13, 

A means the winner 14, 

B means the winner 15, 

C means the winner 16, 

D means the winner 17,

The winning number could be checked from here


If the winner number of dice 190413_1300 is E or F, we will wait for dice 190413_1301. 

This will make the lottery is pretty fair


2019-04-13 12:44

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