100,000 TrustUSD (TRUSD) trading competition lived

Dear all,  

To celebrate the launch of TrustUSD (TRUSD), we are launching 100,000 TRUSD trading competition. 

Event period: 25th October, 10:00 AM UTC until November 4th, 10:00 AM UTC  

The leaderboard could be checked from here 

https://www.catex.io/report/trusd (Will be available on October 27th)  


1. A real time leaderboard will be posted via our social media platforms each day.   

You can see your position at https://www.catex.io/report/TRUSD  

2. Scores will be counted as buying + selling power with the TRUSD/BTC TRUSD/ETH pairs.  

3. Multiple accounts by same user will not qualify  

4. There must be a minimum of $1000 trading volume for the participant to qualify for prizes  


1st place 15, 000 TRUSD

2nd place 10,000 TRUSD 

3rd place 10,000 TRUSD 

4th place  10,000 TRUSD 

5th place 10,000 TRUSD 

6th place 10,000 TRUSD 

7th place 10,000 TRUSD 

8th place 10,000 TRUSD 

9th place 10,000 TRUSD 

10th place 5,000 TRUSD


2019-10-25 08:13

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