Next round CATT buying event has started

Dear all, 

Next round Catex Token buying event has started. The total prize is worth $1700 USDT. 

Event period: now until November 21st, 10:00 AM UTC (UTC time). 

We will find the highest investor for CATT/BTC pair at each 8 Satoshi , 9 Satoshi, 10 Satoshi and 11 Satoshi . 

Most CATT bought at 8 Satoshi will win $100 USDT 

Most CATT bought at 9 Satoshi will win $300 USDT 

Most CATT bought at 10 Satoshi will win $500 USDT 

Most CATT bought at 11 Satoshi will win $800 USDT 

Live leaderboard will be available at https://www.catex.io/report/catt/8 (Available on November 15th) 

CTT Terms & conditions: 

1. The ranking will be based on the total BTC amount that is used to buy CATT. (means the BTC your total used for buy CATT - the BTC your total get when you sell CATT) 

2. Lock your bought CATT minimum for 30 days. 

3. USDT rewards will be credited into CATEX account within 5 working days after the event has finished. 

4. If you have any inquiries regarding rewards and prize distribution, please submit a ticket within 5 days after the rewards distributed tickets submitted outside this window will not be processed 

5. To facilitate fair play in this giveaway, participants with any cheating behavior detected will be disqualified immediately. 

6. If the participants place a sell order in the CATT/BTC market, then they will be disqualified CATEX reserves the right of the final interpretation of this Terms & Conditions 


2019-11-14 03:30

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