TXT token airdrop for CATT holders and TXT traders

Dear all, 

We are glad to announce TXT will be list soon. 

1.There will be 350.000.000 TXT airdrop for CATT holders, 

Airdrop for CATT holders (At least hold 50K CATT, the more you hold, the more TXT you will get) 

CATT holding calculation will start from 23 October 00:00 UTC till 27 October 00.00 UTC, average of every hour snapshot CATT amount in this period. 

2. Airdrop for TXT traders total 250.000.000 TXT (Top 50 TXT traders will get airdrop ), 

Trading competition will start from 24th October to 7th November 

1st = 75.000.000 

2nd = 37.500.000 

3rd = 18.750.000 

4-10 = 6.250.000 each 

11-20 = 3.750.000 each 

21-50= 1.250.000 each 

TXT project related info: 

Website: https://www.trextokens.com/ 

Smart Contract: 0x4b44f450bc3bFB60DC1a0690cBA028e1193CaE4f

Symbol: TXT 

Decimal: 8 

Max supply: 10,000,000,000 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/trex_token 

Telegram. Group: https://t.me/joinchat/Icr6vREfynTeCZuH-DsyIg


2018-10-22 07:27

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