ADP Trading Leaderboard

Dear all,

The following is ADP Trading Leaderboard

1st. place. Abdullahhadi***@gmail.com Total volume. 178 Billion 

2nd. Place. Innakorova***@gmail.com Total volume. 126 Billion 

3rd. Place. Serdartasde***@hotmail.com Total volume. 91 Billion 

4th. Place. bar9***@naver.com Total volume. 33 Billion 

5th. Place. gregorsamsa7***@gmail.com Total volume. 26 Billion 

6th. Place. Erdalcetinkaya***@hotmail.com Total Volume. 5.3 Billion 

7th Place. Onurt***@gmail.com Total Volume. 683 Million 

8th. Place. Svskaraku***@gmail.com Total Volume. 491 Million 

9th Place. Me***@yildizelektronik.net Total Volume. 465 Million 

10th Place. Bintangkar***@gmail.com Total Volume. 455 Million 

11th. Place. gudiyayadav01***@gmail.com Total Volume. 422 Million 

12th. Place. Yanpinarmust***@gmail.com Total Volume. 371 Million 

13th Place. Cariduitgret***@gmail.com Total Volume. 239 Million 

14th Place. Healthcareinu***@gmail.com Total Volume. 219 Million 

15th Place. Israeladetu***@gmail.com Total Volume. 157 Million 

16th. Place. andriembe***@gmail.com Total Volume. 135 Million 

17th Place. Fitriev***@gmail.com Total Volume. 130 Million 

18th. Place. Ilyas***@hotmail.com Total Volume. 116 Million 

19th Place. Ilhamseptiadi***@gmail.com Total Volume. 103 Million 

20th Place. skyblue06***@gmail.com Total Volume. 97 Million


2018-10-31 04:08

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