Personal hourly limit has been lived (Max 30K CATT)

Dear all, Currently 300K CATT was mined out within 5 minutes. Its too fast. In order to make sure more investor can take park in mining. after get th...

2018-09-30 10:50

CATT burn plan (burn 80%) and roadmap in October

Dear all,  According to the current market situation and mining situation of CATT. After careful consideration,  We decide to burn 8 bill...

2018-09-29 03:07

DOGE deposit/trading/withdrawal have been available

Dear all, DOGE deposit/trading/withdrawal have been available, welcome to trade Thanks

2018-09-27 09:52

Mining hourly limit changed from 333,333 to 666,666

Dear all, Due to the high requirement for the mining, 333,333 is too small for the current mining situation, so according to the suggestion of commun...

2018-09-27 03:50

The change of locked bonus

Dear all,  The original planned mining bonus 10% and the promoting bonus 10% locked for one month, the community users feel that the locked propo...

2018-09-26 06:44

Big change for CATT mining rules

Dear all,  Based on feedback and suggestion from the community. We will make the following change for the catex mining rules:  1. The max ca...

2018-09-24 14:16

Common questions regarding withdrawal

Dear all,  Recently, members often ask questions about the withdrawal. We have summarized the following common questions:  1. The status of ...

2018-09-24 09:59

JADE tokens airdrop will be performed at 10:00 Sep 20 UTC time

Dear all, JADE tokens airdrop will be performed at 10:00 Sep 20 UTC time, Total airdrop tokens amount is 500000 JADE,Airdrop will be based on the CAT...

2018-09-20 06:21

Hourly snapshot have been lived

Dear all, Based on feedback and suggestion from the community, we have already gone live the hourly snapshot. We will take a snapshot of the amount o...

2018-09-19 02:04

CATT deposit / withdrawal have been available

Dear all, CATT deposit / withdrawal have been available, all ERC20 standard wallet is support. Min withdraw amount:500 CATT Withdrawal fee:60 CATT ...

2018-09-16 12:46

Be careful fake customer service and fake catex website

Dear all, Some scammers have recently communicated with members in the name of CATEX customer service, asking members to transfer funds to the design...

2018-09-16 06:22

Three levels referral bonus 10%-5%-5%, Join us and promote now

Dear all,  Catex has three levels referral mining bonus which are not available on other exchanges. As sponsor can easily enjoy up to 20% of the ...

2018-09-16 03:04

[2018-09-14] Catex daily dividends is $32,931 and The daily rate of return is 6.1%

Dear all,  [CATT][2018-09-14] Yesterdays total dividends $32,931, That means if you invest $1,000 to buy CATT, then your dividend for yesterday i...

2018-09-14 01:59

JADE is opened for trading

Dears, Jade coin is opened for trading now. Currently Jade coin is an erc20 token. Crypto Jade recently finished their blockchain based off of bitcoin...

2018-09-12 09:33

10% mining bonus will be extended indefinitely

Dear all, 10% of the mining bonus will be extended indefinitely, there is no stop plan, if there is any change in the future, we will first get the a...

2018-09-10 15:10

System maintenance at Aug 27 8:00 (UTC time)

Dear all, We will maintain the server at Aug 27 08:00 - Aug 27 10:00 (UTC time) and the system will not be able to provide services. Thanks

2018-08-27 03:49

We will burn 10.5 million CATT in three days.

Dear all, We have repurchased CATT from the beginning of the system. As of yesterday, we have repurchased more than 10 million CATT.  We will bur...

2018-08-26 04:00

Major change to the transaction mining rules

Dear all,  Considering that the community has a large opinion on the current mining rules, and while seeking community opinions, after careful con...

2018-08-24 15:37

Minig ratio has been changed to 0.1

Dear all, From now on, the mining ratio has been changed to 0.1, please note that the mining ratio will be changed again according to the mining outp...

2018-08-17 09:19

Pre-mining has officially ended. From today, only holding CATT can participate in mining.

Dear all, Pre-mining has officially ended. From today, only holding CATT can participate in mining. The CATT amount can be mine per user per hour wil...

2018-08-16 06:07

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