How to do when deposited to wrong coin wallet address?

Dear all, 

How to do when deposited to wrong coin wallet address?

1. Deposit to an wallet address which not belong to Catex. In this case, we will be powerless and there is no way to help you find the token. Because the wallet is out of our control.

2. Deposit to other Catex other wallet address, such as deposit the BTC to the BCH wallet address or deposit the ETH to the ETC wallet address. Usually, the exchanges include other large exchanges that will generally not handle this kind of issue. because The processing is complicated and requires a lot of manpower, but in order to recover the loss of the member, Catex will try its best to help the user recover the lost tokens. However, due to the complicated process, it usually takes a long time. If you encounter this situation, please send us an email with the following information: 

1) Your account 

2) Deposited token name (BTC or ETH) 

3) Deposited the wrong token name and wallet address (BCH or ETC and its wallet address)  

4) Txid (very important)  

5) The amount of deposited 

6) Other relevant information 

Please send me the above information to support@catex.io 

Usually, the processing cycle takes one month or more. It needs to be handled according to the specific situation. Please Be patient. 

Once we have recovered your token successfully. We will send email to you.

Thank you!

2018-09-25 04:35

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How to do when deposited to wrong coin wallet address?