What is BAE? What is the role of BAE?

BAE tokens are tokens issued by our Bitallex trading platform. After holding BAE tokens, you can increase the output of mining per hour, that is, additional mining rewards, as follows: 

Holding 5000BAE for an additional 2.5% mining bonus. 

Hold 10,000 BAE for an additional 5% mining bonus. 

Holding 15,000 BAE for an additional 7.5% mining bonus  . 

Holding 20,000 BAE for an additional 10% mining bonus  .

Holding 50,000 BAE for an additional 15% mining bonus  .

Holding 100,000 BAE for an additional 20% mining bonus  .

For example, if you hold 100000 BAE and hold 200000 CATT, and the mining ratio of the day is 0.1, then the amount of mining per hour is 200000 * 0.1 * 1.2 

So how do you buy BAE token? 

A: You can purchase BAE by registering account at https://www.bitallex.com 

After purchasing BAE, is it necessary to transfer BAE to the Catex platform? 

A: No, you only need to associate your Catex account with your bitallex account. You can see the Link Bitallex account in the “Profile” page.

2018-08-10 13:16

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