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Creator of the very first ERC777 smart contract known as CALL, the Global Crypto Alliance was established in 2018.

Our core team is composed of professionals in Research & Writing, Content Publication, Computer Science, Programming, Blockchain Development, Business Administration, Marketing, Language & Translation, and Psychology & Neuroscience. We are also supported by a diverse network of brilliant specialists in various fields.

Our team of industry experts and long-term business developers created the platform, with the intent of disrupting the traditional news system using our unique Reward System. Content consumers, as well as content creators, will now be rewarded. Publishers will be able to automate their campaigns and have a simple, cost-effective way to expand their reach. With this, all participants benefit. The system is built on the latest token standards ERC777, ERC1820 & ERC644. With our Reward System, we target everyone's needs - those of authors, publishers and readers. CALL it a WIN-WIN-WIN situation. Up until now, we have bootstrapped every aspect of our operations to build the product MVP. To finance these final stages of development and start to market our platform that has a growing userbase of 6000+, we are seeking fundraising by performing an IEO.

How it works:

MUST HAVE CALL to get more credits; credits interchangeable with CALL

Writers use their credits to boost their ranking and earn priority to have articles published to earn more credits rather than cashing them out into CALL (the more staked, the more earned).

Readers have a chance to earn credits for reading due to limits for each article. Staking of CALL will be implemented to earn priority on getting to the articles first.

Sponsored articles will be more of a supplemental revenue for GCA, of which we will use a percentage to buy back CALL tokens from the open market (at undisclosed times).

Reputation competitions will be created for writers since they can of course read other authors’ articles and get rewarded.

A beautiful cycle for all users to compete and stake their CALL to create and consume the best stuff and the most stuff in order to earn more.

With a referral link, articles can be shared permeating a wider audience which would lead to more credits.

PAYDAY will occur once a month, at which time our system will convert the users earned credits into CALL tokens based on the amount the user specifies and distribute them to their registered ETH address.

Publishers and advertisers benefit immensely from’s distribution network and global communities. Our standard price list includes sponsored articles, PRs, banner slots, etc. with sponsored articles starting as low as €250*. Additionally, campaigns can be customized to extend the desired scope.

*Payments are preferred in crypto (ETH/ BTC/ or for a 20% discount.. in our native token, CALL), but for those that prefer – or require – to pay in Fiat (USD/ EUR/ YEN/ETC) to maintain traditional accounting systems may do so without issues.

Use Cases:

CALL tokens represent a huge leap forward in smart contract technology as it was developed with Ethereum’s progressive ERC777 protocol and features Batch Transfer Capability. With these next-gen features, its smart contract renders a multi-utility token that will be leveraged to maximum advantage both inside and outside the GCNews ecosystem, facilitating voting competitions among several partner entities and expanding into other business segments such as rental applications e.g. AirBnB -

ERC777-based token transactions are generally more economical, but with the Batch Transfer Capability... PAYDAYs will be incredibly efficient and cost-effective. Periodic community participation events for special discounts on marketing campaigns will be easily managed. Tallies for superlative content by popular writers can be hosted automatically. Publishers and advertisers subscribe to a disruptive system wherein their target audience is incentivized to consume their content. Additional utility rollout developed using the proceeds from this fundraising effort will broaden our portfolio, in turn expanding the demand for CALL.

Business Model:

Simply put, GCA designed Global Crypto News as the inverted model of traditional news publishing by means of the most technologically advanced smart contracts. Publishers and Advertisers can now subscribe to a network that will expand their scope tremendously, while authors and readers are being CALLed to benefit from their contributions and engagements. Revenue will be generated through paid PR, articles, network campaigns, online advertisements (banners), in-app advertisements, and much more. With these we fuel our Ecosystem, where in comparison to other platforms the user benefits from his or her actions. A rewards system where you are credited for action rather than dollars spent.
Socia Media
Team Members
René-M. Bogislawski
Stanford Saler
Panos Papantoniou
Lead Blockchain Dev
Glenn Benavides Editor
Miguel Benevides
Zied Chaabane
Business Advisor
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