Catex Core Team
Catex founded in August 2018, Catex is the first truly community-managed exchange platform in the blockchain space. All major decisions are made by the community and voted. The Catex management team will only be responsible for platform operations, marketing and major perceptions. Landing and technical support, including the implementation of new features, APP development, Coin listing, Customer service etc.
COO/ Cameron Kallhoff

Cameron is a economic analyst and entrepreneur. He has 15 years of experience running consulting agencies and working for investments banks. His previous experience includes focusing on business development and finding additional markets to enter. He is an avid Cryptocurrency investor and owner of Crypto Jade LLC.

CMO/ Aykut Aygun

Dedicated bank teller, loan officer and marketing with a solid 11 years of experience in a variety of bank branches and credit unions. Extensive knowledge of the latest banking regulations, rules, and laws in Turkey. Crypto investor since 2 years.

CEO/ Yuanhang Zhou

Senior system architect, senior technical expert, 13 years' experience in internet company, has been a senior technical expert at several well-known Internet Co. Rich experience in distributed cluster architecture.

Business Manager/ Valter D. Ribeiro

Valter D. Ribeiro is an experienced Project Manager into the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry developing communities and partnerships. Has long term focus on business consolidation of Catex among the top exchanges of market.