NSD (Nasdacoin)
Total Votes: 1
Release Date:2018-08-02
Initial Price:$ 0.001
Total Supply:84,000,000
Designed to generate satisfactory and sustainable income for visionaries entrepreneurs, the Nasdacoin
Project is not confined by barriers between the two worlds ... Those who only want to trade our NSD
currency enjoy the security and Blockchain Technology, with fast and secure transactions, as well as
being able to trade in several exchanges using our currency. For those people with a more daring profile
and the power of duplication, our Affiliate Program provides extraordinary income, using a system
developed with professionalism and total security, ensuring that your work is always optimized to the
maximum. Our Project has already achieved an international level of expression and safe operation
environment. The power of our Affiliate Program will certainly be the catalyst of Nasdacoin strength as a
reference in the international market.