BRZC (BreezeCoin)
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Release Date:2018-05-09
Initial Price:$ 0
Total Supply:200,000,000
BreezeCoin is an Ethereum-blockchain based ERC20 token which uses almost all the
benefits of the Ethereum-blockchain. Therefore, BreezeCoin is a blockchain asset that
has a value and can be sent and received similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other
cryptocurrency. By tokenization, the company Breeze De Mar has created its own smart
money (i.e. programmable money) on the blockchain which acts as a digital asset and
at the same time as an utility token. Due to BreezeCoin being an Ethereum-blockchain based token, it is stored in an Ethereum address. BreezeCoin can be used and stored
by anyone who has Ethereum address. Any ERC20 token supported Ethereum wallet
application or wallet website can be used to store and use BreezeCoin. The functions of
the standard ERC20 token such as transfer and approve can be used on BreezeCoin. The
source codes of the smart contracts, both for the token and ICO, can be found on the
oicial GitHub page . The smart contract for the token creation follows the standards of
the ERC20 and it is designed to create 200 million BreezeCoin in total.