BTGN (Bitre Mining)
Total Votes: 9
Release Date:2018-06-03
Initial Price:$ 0
Total Supply:25,000,000
Bitre Mining proposes a decentralized mining pool based on blockchain technology. accessible and transparent mining pool for investors. Investors will also be able to benefit from the overall services based on the rich experiences and resources of the founders.

-BTGN is an ERC-20 token issued by Bitre Mining and has utility value in that it allows token holders to access the Bitre Mining system and utilize the mining pool.

-BTGN holders can pledge BTGN to gain a portion of the hashing power of the whole network. BTGN holders also have the right to participate in community building, and gain access to mining expansion and technology support activities

Name : Bitre Mining
Symbol : BTGN
Decimal : 8
Total supply : 25,000,000
Smart contract : 0x956cdac781389d259de92e427ecd86e1cc273f7f