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Release Date:2016-09-03
Initial Price:$ 0.001
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Proof-of-Stake is thousands of times more energy efficient than Proof-of-Work and allows users to verify the blockchain and earn block rewards by simply storing B3 Coin in their wallets. Our current Proof-of-Stake return rate is 20% APR.

Decentralized Exchange
Centralized exchanges are subject to hacking, theft, and potential price manipulation as information is stored on private servers. The B3 team is working day and night to revolutionize how coins are mined, controlled, bought, and sold. Dex is a fully autonomous, decentralized exchange where all the information is stored on the blockchain. Dex will not only make every transaction secure and private, but will provide its users state-of-the-art algorithms and technical analysis to maximize profits while trading.

Fundamental Nodes w/ Proof of Disintegration
B3 is the first coin to develop and implement Fundamental Nodes (FN). A Fundamental Node is similar to a regular masternode in terms of the service it provides to the network but the coins used to purchase a Fundamental Node are destroyed. This reduces the overall supply of the coin over time as more Fundamental Nodes are added to the network. Fundamental Nodes receive 60% of the block reward while those staking receive 40%.