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Release Date:2018-05-30
Initial Price:$ 16
Total Supply:20,000,000,000
We issue a virtual currency to support victims who want to do class action suits such as "BENGOSHI COIN(lawyer coin)(https://bengoshi-coin.io/wp/en/)".

First of all, we will introduce Ourselves.
We operate the worlds first class action litigation platform "enjin" (https://enjin-classaction.com/).
The mother of this service is a company called "Class Action Co., Ltd." (http://legal-classaction.com/ ), already accepting 60 million yen investment from venture capital.
Our mission is "to realize the world where all the victims are saved".
In order to realize this mission,
We created the worlds first class action platform services "enjin" and "BENGOSHICOIN (lawyercoin)".

"BENGOSHICOIN" asking for the listing this time will be the virtual currency that can be used as "TIps" in "enjin".

1)"BENGOSHICOIN(It means coin which the lawyer made.)" has already been listed on "stocks.Exchange" on June 26, 2018, and it is a virtual currency with a transaction history of over 12 billion yen(https://app.stocks.exchange/en/basic-trade/pair/BTC/BENGO/1D).
2)”BENGOSHICOIN” is listed on COINEXCHANGE on July 20, 2018 (https://www.coinexchange.io/market/BENGO/BTC
3)Approximately 20,000 people in total participate in the ”BENGOSHICOIN” community.
The breakdown is the image of 10,000 Japanese people and 10,000 overseas.
4)What can be used in the worlds first class action litigation "enjin".
"enjin" is the worlds first service to connect victims who can not ask a lawyer because they do not have money, like cloud funding, reduce the cost burden per person, and then connect with lawyers.
Bengoshi (Lawyer) Coin also spot the "supporter" in a broad sense that wishes to deliver a feeling of "wanting to save" and "want to cheer" the victim and visualize their lovely feelings "by means of a Tip by virtual currency". However, as for this Tip function by "Bengoshi (Lawyer) Coin", not only the Tip by the supporter but also the circulation inside the three players surrounding group damage ① victim, ② lawyer, ③ supporter, will starts.

5)The service to TIP litigation costs to collective victims who lack legal costs is the first in the world as far as we know.
6) Among the functions of TIP, the following points are more innovative.
As if a litigation fund, under certain conditions, the coin holder can tip the coin for the victim and wn the return of X% of the amount of compensation if you win the case.
7)In Japan, it is the first time that a person with a lawyer issues virtual currency.
However,not only in Japan, the prospect of the next year, and plans to expand into Asia and Australia, we are preparing.

8) Regarding "BENGOSHICOIN", the equity contribution from VC is being invested in the operation mother, and "virtual currency project done by companies receiving equity investment" is the first in Japan, as far as the current situation knows.
9)List my TOP3 investors
 2)CYBRiDGE GROUPICO FUND(https://mizuguchi.fund/)
 3)One of the principals of BainCapital Japan Corporation has invested as an angel investor.(
10) The founding members have previous successful ICO projects.
 1) First, the CEO (a lawyer in Japan) has handled hundreds of ICO legal advisory services as a work of a law firm managed by himself, leading to success.
 2) In addition, we are also engaged in ICO marketing advisory services, and several of them are leading to success.
 3) "BENGOSHICOIN" that wishes to list is already listed on stocksexchange.
 4) Engineers developing "BENGOSHICOIN" are also engaged in token development and marketing advisory services for other ICO projects.