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Release Date:2018-07-04
Initial Price:$ 0.02
Total Supply:84,000,000
Rupee is know for brand recognition in 8 Southasian countries

Rupee is a known brand for 2 Billion people of India and South Asia.
India, and South Asia is an emerging market, and offers a lot of potential for Rupee and block-chain industries.
India is going to be third biggest economy by 2020, and Rupee coin can really grow huge in India.
Our vision is not only to offer Rupee as a token of trade, but eventually start.Rupeebase(part of the project) in India to make it Amazon.com of South Asia.
Indian merchants all over the world will love to trade in Rupee, if they see if listed on big exchanges.Were a group of Engineers from India, Pakistan and USA, and got together to Relaunch Rupee, because it is part of our heritage