SKC (Skeincoin)
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Release Date:2013-11-01
Initial Price:$ 0.02
Total Supply:16,600,075
Skeincoin is a secure micropayments system with a focus on both speed (10,000tx/s) and low transaction costs (<$0.0001/tx).
Based out of High Technology Park in Belarus, Skeincoin is subject to multiple benefits including tax reductions as part of the programme. Such benefits will augment progress made by the legally registered Skeincoin LLC company.
Skeincoin has recently partnered with Assist Belarus, a subsidiary of Assist which is one of the largest online payment systems in Russia. Upon completion of the Skeincoin payment system Skeinpay, it will be possible to utilise debit cards and online payment systems due to the Assist Belarus partnership.
Skeinpay will be a payment system that can be used for anything. Shopping, online, integrated into games and mobile apps and also use with mobile operators.
Skeincoin LLC has recently signed a NDA agreement with VimpelCom PJSC which operates Beeline Russia, the 2nd largest mobile network in Russia. Negotiations between both companies are ongoing