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Release Date:2018-12-08
Initial Price:$ 0
Total Supply:130,000,000
Category:Real Business
Traveleum is multi platforms ecosystem which assists the travel industry and enables the use of traditional payment systems combined with cryptocurrency.

1. Flights & Hotel Booking Platform

2. International Travel Assist Platform

3. Merchant & Tourism platform

Our goal is to provide a service to help businesses, mainstream users and cryptocurrency adopters around the world to accept multiple payment solutions.

The project itself does not aim to re- invent the wheel but rather help bring usability and awareness towards the blockchain technology, and how it can benefit people world wide.

Pronounced “Tra-vel-eum”

Traveleum is a Erc20 token build on the Ethereum Network with 130 Million Max supply.

Our projects main objective is to provide a decentralized service and education by creating user-friendly platforms for the general public.

Traveleum plans to solve usability of cryptocurrency by creating our own eco system that can support traditional fiat currency, multiple mainstream crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin) and our own utility token.

Our long term prospective is to become a self- sufficient business and create a home brand where people can use our service worldwide.