GZRO (Gravity GZRO)
Total Votes: 1
Release Date:2017-01-01
Initial Price:$ 0
Total Supply:6,200,000
A more technical view of GZRO coin, to understand where we’re different and hopefully better than others:
Current Supply = 2 billion
Circulating Supply = 2 billion
Staking/PoS = 21% per year
Total supply= 6.2 billion coin

Fast transaction time <60 seconds
Gravity GZRO is a standalone coin with his own blockchain, not a token leaning and relying on other famous but disinterested blockchains.

Distributed consensus based on POS (POW was used in first 1000 blocks), so there is no need of expensive mining rigs to earn this coin, staking reward is 21% per year, meaning that the amount you decide to stake will become 21% bigger in a year only by holding it in your GZRO wallet.