XPC (eXPerience Chain)
Total Votes: 349
Release Date:2018-12-24
Initial Price:$ 0.019
Total Supply:100,000,000,000
1. The justification for the blockchain application has been decentralized since the first birth and the end will be decentralized.
2. Centralized financial systems and big datas ability to generate revenue are each transparent and distributed fairly to the public, which is a big part of the net function of the block chain.
3. However, groups that carry out the ICO for the purpose of de-centralization are either opportunists caught up in the current trend or only seek profits and are not interested in the public nature of de-centralization.
4. XPC, on the other hand, only 22% of development funds and commercial equipment are mostly set up for the good victims of opportunists.
5. The company aims to maximize the net functions of the block chain by taking a step closer to the market by utilizing an active community along with the decentralization of profits.
6. Technically, the bitcoin 0.17.0 base enabled us to separate transaction signatures and secure more processing space in the block. In addition, POSCO E&ampC improved the technical completeness of consensus algorithms by modifying POS to prevent inflation, which is a disadvantage of POS, and by adding functions that are friendly to users and developers.
7. In terms of commerce, we emphasize user experience such as geolink and reinforce community power. Because Rain Cloud enables O2O marketing, sellers can attract buyers by adjusting the clouds rainfall. If AR functions are activated in the process, such as Pokemon Go, user experience can be raised even more like XPCs belief. People who use the store can also enjoy advertising revenue while putting advertisements around the QR code when they recognize the QR code of the sellers wallet while purchasing.
8. If interesting functions are developed according to roadmaps, the number of users will increase, the number of users will continue to be listed by the power of the community, and the potential to permeate everyday functions by increasing market share by actual use.