SMART (SmartCash)
Total Votes: 0
Release Date:2017-07-20
Initial Price:$ 0.01
Total Supply:5,000,000,000
SmartCash is a community governance, cooperation & growth focused blockchain based currency & a decentralized economy.

Traditional cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, reward only the miners while neglecting the other actors that play an active role in maintaining, developing and promoting the project. SmartCash is a community-centric cryptocurrency, where community and development comes first. 70% of the block reward has been allocated to fund SmartHive community proposals as well as the Hive Teams. 30% of the remaining block reward has been allocated to Mining (5%) and SmartRewards (15%) and SmartNodes (10%).

With SmartCash we have placed a huge focus on the community, so much that we set aside 46% of the whole block reward to fund projects the community would like to pursue, leaving only 24% for certain projects like system maintenance and some other basic needs. We highly encourage anyone with the skills to help grow SmartCash to get involved in the community and bring your best creative ideas with you.

46% - SmartHive project treasury
Funds allocated for SmartHive community projects and goals.

24% - Hive Structuring Team
Funds ongoing maintenance through dedicated SmartHive Structuring Teams.

30% - Miners/SmartRewards/SmartNodes
Funds allocated for Miners/SmartRewards/SmartNodes.